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Green Energy Motors Corp. has successfully worked to achieve several mutual goals set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy's "Advanced Vehicle Technology Program", during its phase 1-3 lab bench testing, which involved:

• Advanced Lightweighting and Propulsion materials

• Power electronics

• Advanced lubricants

Proprietary innovative high technology systems, developed for and functionally integrated into Green Energy Motor's Commute-Case ™, include its advanced control module circuitry, and an advanced nano phosphate lithium ion battery recharge unit, improving vehicle stability, operational cost efficiency, as well as extending travel range and distance between recharge. Proprietary new lighter weight shell substrate material and new highly efficient lubricants are utilized in the dual function briecase/personal commuter vehicle.

New technologies developed by Green Energy Motors for its Commute-Case ™, can be utilized in many other industries marketing a variety of motorized commercial, consumer, and defense department products. New products may evolve into the marketplace, as a direct result of these proprietary technological advances developed by Green Energy Motors Corp.


Your urban in-between commute solution. Yes, its a self propelled briefcase you can actually ride! Commute-Case ™ starts out as a standard briefcase, measuring just (18 " L x 13" H x 4" W) which deploys in just 3-5 seconds, by pressing a button, into a ultra portable, lightweight, 27 lb. battery powered urban in-between commuter vehicle. It can move a payload up to 275 lbs., up to 25 miles, on a single charge to its removable lithium ion battery pack, at a cost of only 10 cents! Top speed is 12.5 m.p.h. Totally green, non fossil fuel technology, with a stylish classy look, as well. By providing an alternative means of short distance transportation COMMUTE-CASE ™ helps lower pollution, fossil fuel consumption, and traffic congestion. Take this hi-tech unique dual functioning device along on your next daily commute by train, subway, city bus, or personal automobile, easily stowing it under your train or bus seat on your ride downtown. Pressing just one button transitions the product from folded briefcase mode to ride mode, to quickly move you from train, subway, bus, cab, or personal automobile to any downtown destination, be it your office, shopping or other location on schedule. Commute-Case ™ is the perfect eco-friendly alternative vehicle (replacing a bus, cab, or personal automobile) to move you through highly congested traffic jammed urban areas where finding parking for a personal automobile, having to walk or cab long distances to make appointments and stay on schedule, have become increasingly problematic and certainly expensive for daily commuters. Functioning as a standard briefcase, one can put a laptop, computer tablets, documents, pens, and lunch sack into its internal storage compartment. Commute-Case ™ can be taken with you into offices, classrooms, restaurants, and even your favorite coffee shop. In trolley mode, similar to wheeled airport luggage, you can use the telescoping handle (which doubles as the steering column) to pull this product right into your office buildings' elevator. Ride your briefcase down those long office hallways, right into your office, parking it in front of your desk, kickstand deployed. Push a button, and in less than 15 seconds it automatically transitions back to a standard sized attache, which can be stowed under your desk and recharged in any office/home ac outlet in 5 minutes to 1 hr. This innovative device can also be employed as a (NV) neighborhood vehicle, stowed in a personal automobile or truck as an emergency "escape pod" secondary vehicle, and as an ultra portable, compact, lightweight "single person stand on mover", to travel around very large corporate, university, hospital, government, industrial campus, museums, zoo's, shopping malls, amusement parks, and tourist/vacation destinations, where having to walk very long distances may pose a problem for many who could use a little assistance moving about, but are not quite ready for a "rascal"! No special balancing skills or training are needed, as Commute-Case ™ features manual accelerator and brake controls, rather than gyroscopic sensor controls, like on Segway type personal vehicles, so anyone that can operate a bicycle can ride the Commute-Case ™ immediately, no problems mate! Available in eight designer colors, ranging from jet black, metal flake gold or silver, translucent purple, green, red, blue, and perfectly pink. Classified as a electric personal assistive mobility device, its a consumer product, rather than a motor vehicle, thus, it is legal to drive in all 50 states, without needing vehicle registration, plates, or drivers' license. Metropolitan and commercially managed rent, use and return programs (similar to the bike share programs now operating in many U.S. cities), are currently being explored by G.E.M.C. The goal of such eco-friendly, green energy programs, is to help lower urban pollution, fossil fuel consumption, and ease traffic congestion. In addition to plans for integrating Commute-Case ™ share programs into large urban U.S. cities, for 1st mile, last mile trip connections with public transportation, G.E.M.C. plans to install similar programs into the following venues: large amusement/theme parks (such as Disney World and Great America), public museums, zoo's, shopping malls, military bases, and tourist/vacation destinations.