5 minutes to 1 hour plus, depending on level of battery discharge, at time of recharge.


up to 25 miles travel distance between recharging.


10 cents for up to 25 mi.

• Product Weight: 27 lbs
• Size: Fully folded in briefcase mode: 18" long by 13" wide by 4" tall (Commute-Case ™ laying on flat surface).
• Size: Deployed in Ride mode: 18" long by 4" wide by 46" tall (Commute-Case ™ from ground to top of steering column).
(Add 4" jut-out on each side for deployed fold down footrests).
• Top Speed: 12.5 MPH
• Quiet operation
• Rider/luggage Load Capacity: 275 lbs.
• Designed for ultimate UL & CE listings
• Laptop & lunch sack storage compartment
• Power and mounting for GPS type system or phone
• Cup holder

• Led head light
• Lockage key operation
• Electronic horn
• Parking stability posts for mount and dismount
• Plastic rails on bottom of unit for curb assent
• Retractable cable lock at top of steering post for securing unit to a door knob or other anchor for quick easy locking.
• Proprietary Curb Climbing feature
• 2.5" foot pad height for stability and comfort
• Weatherproof (not immersable for extended periods)
• Optional mounting attachment unit for addition of a seat
• Extended storage mode for battery maintenance
• Ultra powerful, high torque rated, permanent magnet, 500 watt DC Motor

• Breaking system with stopping capability of 12 feet at 50% speed
• Deply/retract mode transition, push button activated, at a less than 15 second activation lapse time.
• Paint and finish weather resistant
• Proprietary rechargeable 25.6 volt lithium ion battery pack includes a quick connect/disconnect feature, allowing user the option to recharge battery pack with any standard office/home AC outlet, while battery pack remains on Commute-Case ™, or when removed from Commute-Case ™. Our battery pack is the safest on planet, without any hazardous or noxious substances (SGS CE and ROHS accredited), thus environmentally friendly. Our pack is powerful, with long cycle life (over 4000 cycles with capacity staying at 80% minimum), with no memory effect, capable of operating at a wide temperature range (-4 °F to 158 °F). The battery pack life equals 100,000 miles or 10 years. Battery pack and recharger unit are included.

• Led rear light
• Led battery charge level indicator gauge
• Auto safety shut off feature if tipped or dismounted
• 16 degree incline capability
• High quality manual lever brake for 100% safe control of vehicle

• Large front wheel for safety and comfort
No advanced balancing skills are required, as with single wheel electric unicycles and so called portable single and dual wheel Segways. (There is no manual brake or accelerator on these vehicles)!
• If you can balance and ride a pedal-type bicycle, you can drive our Commute-Case ™, with no problem or special skills required. Its designed user friendly and safe.
• Designed for all season use. Can be driven on wet surface or in rain. Do not drive on icy, snow covered surfaces until properly treated with salt. If an untreated surface presents, switch to trolley mode or briefcase mode, until you reach a safe, properly treated surface. You can then return to vehicle mode.

• Slip resistant footpad surface
• 3 way functional operation: Fully fold-up briefcase mode with carry handle at top, ride it vehicle mode, and trolley mode, where unit is pulled like wheeled airline luggage.


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